Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Daughter Jessica

What can I say? My daughter Jessica... smart, beautiful, hard working and most of the time very, very annoying. She is 23 now and not getting any older, 23 going on 12, but I love her terribly and hope she loves me too.

One of her greatest pastimes is Soccer. Friday nights at the soccer grounds. Last friday a full on soccer game, she thought she had broken her foot, 4 hours up the hospital and no x-ray people, come back the next day they said. Saturday at the hospital again, 6 hours this time and x-ray showed no breaks...woo hoo. She went to work but alas the foot was not getting any better, back to the hospital again. She was told that it was badly bruised and contused but would be okay in a few weeks.. WEEKS!!!.

Had to share this with everyone....not sure why, probably because I had nothing much else to write.

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