Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some of my Paintings

Torquay Pier
Oil on Gesso Board (framed)
47cm x 39cm
This is a painting I finished last year for an exhibition. It is of Torquay Pier, Hervey Bay about 5 minutes from where I live (yes, I am lucky). Unfortunately it didn't win but it was admired by many, it is still for sale so if anybody is interested!!.
I love the ocean and the beauty of my surroundings. I intend to do a lot more local scenery paintings. I will post more as I do them.
Today isn't too bad for winter, about 25 degree's C and very sunny with blue skies all around, who can complain about this?


  1. Amazing painting - so true to life it looks like a photo - I love meeting new Aussie artists, cheers Val

  2. As it's raining and freezing in Melbourne, I could look at that painting all day.