Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bachelor of Social Science (Behavioural Science Major)

I haven't been here for quite some time, or so it seems. Time has moved quickly over the past three and a half years and studying externally through the University of Southern Queensland with my head constantly in a textbook has made it move even quicker. I have returned here to blog about my journey through University and beyond reflecting on how a middle aged woman managed to succeed in gaining a Bachelor's Degree where under normal circumstances would have quit and failed.

Yes, I have finally completed a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Behavioural Science and minoring in Psychology. I would like to say that I enjoyed every minute of studying but that would be an exaggeration, even for me. The exam's were hard and stressful and, since I suffer from an exam phobia, I managed to pretty much stuff up every exam I ever attempted. Luckily I did well on the assignments and did not have to rely quite so much on passing exams to pass the course, otherwise I might still be studying for another 20 years. The courses were manageable in the beginning but gained confusing momentum as the years went by. I did enjoy the psychology units and also the two master units that I did on 'Child Abuse and Neglect' and 'Emotional and Behavioural Problems of Children and Adolescents' (which I passed with High Distinctions), but some of the courses were quite hard.

I sit here now quite pleased with myself that I actually managed to stick to something, and not quit like I normally do, after committing myself to something that turns out to be a lot harder than first thought. I will, of course, be looking for employment but until I do I will be working on drawing and painting for my own enjoyment and well earned therapy. I will also try to stick to this blog, similar to a journal of my journey through the rest of the challenges that I might encounter. 

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